I’ve always been a DIY girl, and with an art background, I knew that I would find my calling in something. Any “art form” one could say I’ve dabbled my hands at. Painting, sewing, writing, I felt like I’ve tried it all, but the one that always peaked my interest the most was pottery.
One day in 2018, I found myself wanting to dabble in pottery more! I was getting ready to move into my new home, and I found it frustrating that I could not find one of a kind pieces. 
Soon after, I began sharing on my platforms here and there, including my YouTube channel “Iris Natasha” day in the life videos of my interest in ceramics and me taking pottery classes at a local studio. I found a community of people who loved what I was creating and wanted to have my pieces in their own homes. Low and Behold, Iris + Indi was born.

Iris + Indi is a ceramics brand that focuses on handmade, limited, and unique pieces with a bubbly personality. No mug is like the next, but that is what I love about it!
From a mug covered in flowers, to a plate for your morning pastry, or the vase you place your spring and summer flowers in, my ceramics are made with the highest quality clay - shaped by hand, slowly dried, bisque fired, and then hand painted. This makes each piece one of a kind, made with love from me to you. 🌸