I’ve always been a DIY girl, and with an art background, I knew that one day I would want to create something that I can share with others. Any “art form” one could say I’ve dabbled my hands at. Painting, sewing, writing, I felt like I’ve tried it all, but the one that had always stuck was pottery. One day in 2018, I found myself wanting to dabble in pottery more to create the coziest cutest home pieces that I knew I wouldn’t find anywhere else. I would order air dry clay from Amazon and spend hours on end making jewelry dishes, faux plates and mugs to put my pens or trinkets in.
During 2020, when the world shut down and I began sharing on my platforms, including my YouTube channel “Iris Natasha” day in the life videos of my interest in Ceramics and me dabbling with air dry clay in my kitchen table, I found a community of people who loved what I was creating and wanted to have their own pieces in their own homes. Low and Behold, Iris + Indi was born.

Iris + Indi is a ceramics brand that focuses on handmade, limited, and unique pieces with a bubbly personality. From a mug covered in flowers, to a plate, or the vase you place your spring and summer flowers in, My ceramics are made with the highest quality stoneware clay - shaped, slowly dried, sponged, bisque fired, and then hand painted. This makes each piece one of a kind, made with love from me to you. 🌸